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What is this?

This is a small isometric platformer test using Unity. I'm using this to showcase several design features that come with creating isometric perspectives in third-person scenarios. Hopefully this will be a nice small reference that you can use to discover what works and what doesn't work inside 3D spaces in all video games.

What features does it have?

The following features are currently implemented:

  • Character controls
    • This just utilises the standard third-person character controller.
    • Able to use keyboard or controller.
  • A simple environment to play around in
    • Has a slope and a few platforms to jump across.
    • I will put more scenarios in soon.
  • Teleporting when falling off the stage
    • This will be replaced by preventing the player from going off the map later.

What will it eventually have?

The following will be implemented:

  • More scenarios
  • Configurable camera angles
  • A better mid-air control system

What will you do with this?

This is not going to be a full game (at least not as the moment). All the code is hosted on this Github repository. You can freely use the code I write, and copy any examples I use for reference in your own games.

Please give feedback about what sections you think are good and bad. It'll be useful for people to play-test this and see what scenarios are better to the player.

I don't really know itch.io too well, so I hope there's a good way for you all to contact me about this. As a last effort, you can email me at biendeos@gmail.com. I'll figure out a way to display this stuff. You can also help by writing issues on the Github repository.


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